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Premium SMS

Premium SMS is provided by third parties through the WIND network. They relate to Multimedia Information Services (YPP), ie music, games, competitions, TV / radio broadcasting,

For more information on how EPAs work through SMS, consult the EPA Code of Ethics on EETT's website

To activate a short SMS to provide value added service (PSMS) to the WIND network, follow the procedure below:


Initially, your company should request EETT to provide multimedia information services and assign new or short code (s) of the 190XX-195XX or 54XXX series to EPAs.


Then they should be sent to us

  • EETT's IPA service license
  • the specific decision to assign the EETT code (s)
  • the description of the service (s) you will provide through the FCs assigned to you

The above should be accompanied by the legalization documents of your company.


The legal documents required for a Greek business are:

  • Formal establishment and start-up of the company,
  • Government Gazette,
  • a corporate tax number and a competent tax office,
  • proof of registration in the company register,
  • contact details of a legal representative


For an enterprise abroad (within the EU):

  • statute,
  • proof of registration in the company register,
  • corporate tax,
  • competent tax office,
  • mailing address of the headquarters (address, telephones & email) and
  • the details of the Greek legal representative of the company who must reside in Greece


As far as foreign companies are concerned, if the above original documents are not in English, the originals and the official English translation of all the required documents must be sent.

Following our communication, checking your legalizing documents and if we proceed in cooperation, we prepare the contract and the technical implementation to activate the code (s).


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